Hi Nora,

I can’t begin to thank you for all your help with selling the house and just keeping me calm and somewhat sane. I really appreciate all you did to make things happen and to make sure, in the end, that everything was in place for the final day. You made me feel that you were keeping an eye out for all the details that needed to be in place and let me know in plenty of time what had to happen when. Thanks so very, very much.

I’m sorry I missed you when you stopped by that last day with all the goodies. You can’t imagine how much everything was appreciated and how much easier it made our trip. Of course, snacks are great, but you also really hit the nail on the head with the baby wipes, water and the cooler. Have you made a study of what people do after they sell their house, because you seem to know exactly what they need. Again, thanks so very much for everything.

I hope all is well with you. It looks like fall is upon you such a nice time of year there.

— LR,