J & A

Dear Melissa,

I can’t believe you remembered that conversation we had when Emily saw the hummingbird & said, “These people have to be nice because I’ve never met a mean person who liked hummingbirds.” I forgot all about that – but not you! Thank you so much for the hummingbird trivet! I also think it’s such an appropriate thing coming from you – one of the nicest people we’ve ever met! Instead of hanging hummingbirds up, maybe everyone should start hanging up Melissa’s face! Can’t you just imaging your face everywhere? You walk into a showing and there you are! A true mark that only nice people live there!

Thanks again, and not only for the trivet, but for everything you’ve done, for your patience with us and for putting up with not-so-nice people on our behalf! We love and appreciate you!

— J & A,