Our Reviews


Thank you so much for hanging in there with us for the past 18 months. Kristin and I are thrilled with the new home and are looking forward to setting up residence once again in a neighborhood community. This is a great neighborhood and fantastic home with enormous potential, we couldn’t be happier. We’ll be sure to refer any of our friends and acquaintances to you and wish you much success as the market turns back to its normal status.

Well, back to the boxes and unpacking…
— John & Kristin

Dear Terri,

Thank you for the champagne. Thank you also for being the best little encouragement we needed to buy our first home. I am very fortunate that my mom has a friend like you! Please tell Cy I say hello. We are singing both of your praises to every prospective buyer we meet
— Tom & Nicole



Wonderful card for a special person. When I found this card and it was called Patience Brewster! Could this be more perfect!! Thank you for everything and I mean everything. You are an amazing and top agent. We truly need to write a book or a TV show. You truly are a special and one of a kind human being. Thanks for being you.
— Vicki & Mark

Dear Terri,

Thank you for all your time and dedication to help me find our home.  We are really happy.  I would love to get together because I really admire you, and am grateful for all you did for me.  Have a great holiday and know that mi casa es su casa!
— Kathleen

Terri Westerlund & Christine Martin were superb from the initial contact through the purchase of our new home, and the sale of our previous home. We never felt pushed, rushed or swayed. They are the utmost in professionalism and knowledgeable in every aspect of the business. Our best interests have been protected and we have been consistently well advised. Meeting Terri and her team of the Westerlund Group literally changed our life and lifestyle! Thank you!
— Sheila


Tom and I are so happy living here! If you hadn?t done what you did for us we would never have been able to move here and we will be forever grateful to you. When things settle down I still want us to get together.
— Renee & Tom

I cannot find enough words to compliment Christine enough. She is simply outstanding. She didn’t go the extra mile for you- SHE WENT THE EXTRA TEN MILES FOR US!! Christine Martin (our agent with the Westerlund Group) is an outstanding person. She did everything possible to make the sale of our house and the purchase of the new one work, and everything came together because of her ability. I simply cannot recommend and praise her abilities adequately. Long and Foster is lucky to have an outstanding agent like her.


Thanks for all the help and good advice over the past few months. You’re the best!
— Kathy and Pat

Dear Terri and Christine,

Thank you both so much for all you did to make our move possible. You both went above and beyond to make everything go smoothly and virtually painless! I can tell it’s definitely a “family affair” and we all want you to know how much we appreciate what you did for us. Thanks again!!
— Steph, Mark, Lauren & Matthew (Lucky & Oliver too!)


There’s no doubt in my mind that the dedication, persistence and cooperation of your team made all the difference. They are wonderful, pleasant and so totally and completely professional. We will leave Howard County, with the best real estate experience ever.
— Dianne


Congrats on your remarkable sales record in ’06. This is obviously recognition of your outstanding professionalism and most of all your compassionate personality.  You are a remarkable person; and your “team” is not bad either!
— Bobby

Cy and Terri,

Mark and I thought you both were a “breathe of fresh air”. There is no doubt you offer a lot more than we had with the past Realtor; we also liked the enthusiasm you brought. I think along with your experience, and knowledge of Howard County you will be a tough act to follow. Mark really enjoyed hearing your thoughts about the earnest money; you made his day! We will be in touch soon, thanks for coming, and enjoy your Thanksgiving as well.
— Kimberly and Mark


If you do what you did on the Whaleboat transaction on the rest of your deals you will be setting a standard and will become a role model for the rest of the agents that will be working on the other side of the table in your future. I have worked with, trained and managed many folks over my past 40 years or so working in sales. I have only run across a few that shine and you are one of them. Good job! Don’t change your ways. Walk away from clients that want you to change. Keep up your enthusiasm. It becomes contagious! Thanks for making this transaction go so smooth!
— Ray

Dear Cy,

First of all, we would like to thank you for the wonderful gift basket, that was such a nice, personal touch. And the gift from Stephanie was very much a surprise as well as appreciated. But most of all, we want you to know how much we appreciate all that you did in order to have our house sold in such a timely fashion. You are truly a professional in your field and it was a pleasure working with you and knowing you. You always took the time to listen and help us as needed. Terri is fortunate to have such a valued person such as yourself on her team, just as we feel fortunate to have had you.

Again, thank you for all of your efforts and time, and for your good wishes. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season.
— Janice & Chuck

Dear Cy,

We wanted to take the opportunity to provide you a letter of endorsement that we would be pleased to have you share with other clients, include in your professional portfolio, or for use on your website.

This is a letter of endorsement we have voluntarily provided on behalf of our Realtor, Mr. Cy Falls of ReMax Le Reve at Westerlund Real Estate, 13390 Clarksville Pike, Highland, Maryland.

When times are good, any good realtor can buy or sell real estate. It’s when times are tougher that you really need to rely on the services of an experienced professional agent. We were fortunate to find just such a realtor, Mr. Cy Falls of ReMax LeReve.

We recently sold our home in Howard County, Maryland. Like other sellers we were faced with the realization that despite what we hoped our home would sell for, it had to be reduced in price if we ever to move forward with our plans to retire and move out of state. As we learned, proper pricing is necessary but not entirely sufficient to sell a home in a suppressed market. It’s also crucial to have a highly competent real estate agent.

Our realtor was Mr. Cy Falls and we were very pleased to have him working on our behalf. He is a consummate professional and knows the real estate business from end to end. Cy did a good job of explaining the process, provided timely feedback on how things were progressing, and dispelled some our preconceived notions causing us to clearly see the reality of the situation. He never exaggerated or understated events. He was a calming voice of reason at times when we were not so calm, or optimistic, and always kept a cool head even when we were feeling the stress of not selling our home as quickly as we had hoped. We did sell in about 100 days. While some may find letters of recommendations more impressive if filled with glowing superlatives we prefer to be direct and succinct. Mr. Falls did a very fine job for us and we recommend him to anyone else looking for the services of an honest, competent, and experienced realtor.
— Dana & Barbara Q.

Dear Terri & Nora,

What a pleasure it has been to work with you ladies! I appreciate your honesty, your trust, your knowledge & your generosity. I appreciate you coming to my house to turn on the heat & bring in the mail. I appreciate your responsiveness to every question & issue. I appreciate the time you spent working to sell my home, and all your kind words about it. Thank you for the last minute mailing of the two boxes that wouldn’t fit in our car & the generous Lowes gift card.
— Eileen

Dear Melissa,

We just wanted to thank you for all of your dedicated attention helping us buy the house of our dreams! You and your team are amazing and you are super cool as well! We love our new home and are grateful to you! Thanks a bunch!
— Cara & Mike

Hi Melissa-

Thanks again for the time last night. It was a pleasure meeting you and Terri.

After meeting with you last night, Sharon and I have decided that your team at Le Reve is going to be a good fit for us personally. We enjoyed your presentation and you have been on top of everything from day 1. We also like the fact that you are so well versed in western Howard County real estate
— Mr. Schmitz

Dear Melissa,

I can’t believe you remembered that conversation we had when Emily saw the hummingbird & said, “These people have to be nice because I’ve never met a mean person who liked hummingbirds.” I forgot all about that – but not you! Thank you so much for the hummingbird trivet! I also think it’s such an appropriate thing coming from you – one of the nicest people we’ve ever met! Instead of hanging hummingbirds up, maybe everyone should start hanging up Melissa’s face! Can’t you just imaging your face everywhere? You walk into a showing and there you are! A true mark that only nice people live there!

Thanks again, and not only for the trivet, but for everything you’ve done, for your patience with us and for putting up with not-so-nice people on our behalf! We love and appreciate you!
— J & A

Melissa, truly it is you and your mom who are wonderful.
As you know, the selling/buying process can be stressful….as with any big change in life.
But you have made it smooth and pleasant.
Thanks so much….and let’s sell this house!!!
— J

I stated this earlier today… By far, this was one of the most difficult settlements to manage (that I’ve been a part of) with so many moving parts and such a particular set of goals. Melissa did a phenomenal job from start to finish. She knows the area, she had the patience, the perseverance, and it all worked out. Thank you, Melissa! It was great working with you!Chris,

Just a short note to say THANK YOU for your help and work on our transaction. Thank you for your professionalism throughout. It’s always a joy to work with someone like you.
— R

Hi Nora,

I can’t begin to thank you for all your help with selling the house and just keeping me calm and somewhat sane. I really appreciate all you did to make things happen and to make sure, in the end, that everything was in place for the final day. You made me feel that you were keeping an eye out for all the details that needed to be in place and let me know in plenty of time what had to happen when. Thanks so very, very much.

I’m sorry I missed you when you stopped by that last day with all the goodies. You can’t imagine how much everything was appreciated and how much easier it made our trip. Of course, snacks are great, but you also really hit the nail on the head with the baby wipes, water and the cooler. Have you made a study of what people do after they sell their house, because you seem to know exactly what they need. Again, thanks so very much for everything.

I hope all is well with you. It looks like fall is upon you such a nice time of year there.
— LR


Just wanted to tell you how much we all appreciated everything you did to get our parent’s house sold.  From start to finish you were professional and handled sensitive issues so well.  It’s no surprise why you’ve been so successful with your business.  Thank you so much!!
— Nancy and Mary Ellen