Dana & Barbara Q.

Dear Cy,

We wanted to take the opportunity to provide you a letter of endorsement that we would be pleased to have you share with other clients, include in your professional portfolio, or for use on your website.

This is a letter of endorsement we have voluntarily provided on behalf of our Realtor, Mr. Cy Falls of ReMax Le Reve at Westerlund Real Estate, 13390 Clarksville Pike, Highland, Maryland.

When times are good, any good realtor can buy or sell real estate. It’s when times are tougher that you really need to rely on the services of an experienced professional agent. We were fortunate to find just such a realtor, Mr. Cy Falls of ReMax LeReve.

We recently sold our home in Howard County, Maryland. Like other sellers we were faced with the realization that despite what we hoped our home would sell for, it had to be reduced in price if we ever to move forward with our plans to retire and move out of state. As we learned, proper pricing is necessary but not entirely sufficient to sell a home in a suppressed market. It’s also crucial to have a highly competent real estate agent.

Our realtor was Mr. Cy Falls and we were very pleased to have him working on our behalf. He is a consummate professional and knows the real estate business from end to end. Cy did a good job of explaining the process, provided timely feedback on how things were progressing, and dispelled some our preconceived notions causing us to clearly see the reality of the situation. He never exaggerated or understated events. He was a calming voice of reason at times when we were not so calm, or optimistic, and always kept a cool head even when we were feeling the stress of not selling our home as quickly as we had hoped. We did sell in about 100 days. While some may find letters of recommendations more impressive if filled with glowing superlatives we prefer to be direct and succinct. Mr. Falls did a very fine job for us and we recommend him to anyone else looking for the services of an honest, competent, and experienced realtor.

— Dana & Barbara Q.,